Easy To Make Christmas Paper Star – DIY

Just a few weeks until Christmas and we have so many projects to do still. I found for you an awesome DIY idea to put your creative mind and your skills to work: Christmas paper star. It’s not so hard to make you will only need a little bit of patience and a also creativity. You can use paper of different colors. For this idea black paper was used. Start by cutting the paper into 12 long and thin strips. Take two strips and glue them together in the middle. It will look like a little cross. You will get a big help from paper clips because the clips can hold the paper strips together until the glue dries. Add another two stripes one on the top of the “cross” and one under it.  Add another two stripes in the different direction than the first two ones. Glue together the corners two by two. Now you have to repeat once again the steps from the beginning. Now take one star and turn it upside down to 45°. Take the second star and place it on top of the first star. Using the longer paper pieces tread them inside the loops. Don’t forget to glue this strips (longer ones) in the loops corners. After the glue dries cut off the corners. And your Christmas paper star is ready!! Happy Holidays!



Photo Credit: http://designoform.com




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