Easy To Make Decorated Candles

Make awesome and original candles just by using a few materials and supplies. What is best is that this DIY idea is not hard. Also you can make as many as you want and use them in different places of the house or you can give them away as gifts. There are two ways to make this decorative candles: using glue to glue the dried and pressed flowers, leaves or simply heating up a spoon and fixing the the flower to the candle. For the first method: you will need plain, simple white candles (what shape and size you prefer), glue (PVA) and dried and pressed flowers and leaves. You can also use thin butterfly’s. Start by gluing the dried flower and leaves to the candles using PVA glue and a brush. Let the glue dry. For the finishing touch using melted wax you can “seal” the flowers in the candle. For the second method: simply heat up a spoon and using a tweezers fix the flowers, herbs and leaves onto the candle and “glue” them with the heated spoon. See! It wasn’t so hard after all!!



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