Easy To Make Finger Knitted Scarfs – DIY

 Because we have very cold weather outside you will definitely need an scarf this season. That is why we have this DIY project for you: finger knitted scarf. What is best about this DIY idea is that you don’t have to be an expert in knitting. In fact, you wont’ need any technical knitting skills at all. And I can assure you that the final result will look totally awesome. The only materials that you will need are: lots and lots of colorful yarn ( make sure that you don’t get lightweight or superfine yarn because it is to thin and it won’t work at this project), scissors and of course your hand. When you will be done please send us a picture with your creation because we want to see and also share your creativity. Enjoy!!


Click this link for all the steps…..


Rokiemag – Easy To Make Finger Knitted Scarfs – DIY



Finger Knitted Rainbow Scarf

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