Easy To Make Hedgehog Sock Planter

Now this is a DIY project that your kids will love for sure. Actually, you will love it the same. Learn how to make a sock planter an place it in the kitchen on you window wile to keep you company while you are working in the kitchen. This are the materials that you will need: a single sock, soil, seeds for little, thin plants (like grass), black and white little, round buttons, scissors, plastic plate, sponge. First of all find a lost, single sock in your drawer. If its a green sock it is the best. Now using a spoon put inside the sock the soil and the little seeds. Tie the sock and cut with the scissors the remaining sock (see the picture). Place the hedgehog on an plastic plait and using a sponge keep him moist. Make the eyes and the nose of the hedgehog using the little black and white round buttons. The mouth of the hedgehog can be made with sewing thread.Have a little patience and the result won’t hesitate to appear.


Sock Planter

Photo Credit: DIY Craft Projects

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