Easy To Make Delicious Fruit Popsicles

Nothing beats a refreshing DIY Fruit Popsicle more so when the delicious fruit ideas comes from your own fresh fruit! Such a mouth-watering marvel composed of fun layering of flavors which gives you an exemplary treat and looks great too… Fruit ideas composed of blended fruit that you have stocked in your store or refrigerator are a perfect way to make the perfect afternoon or evening drink to quench your thirst during sweltering summer months. A fresh fruit Popsicle is fantastic idea all year round. It becomes more fun to give different mixtures dependent on the type of fruit that is in the season. Canned fruits such as pineapple will make for great Popsicle. When it comes to fruit Popsicle possibilities are infinite. Trust us when we say that there are plenty of DIY Fruit Ideas you can experiment with and come up with wonderful flavors that your family love the most as well as create glorious colorful layers.

Some tips to make a delicious fruit Popsicle

Take fresh fruit and make a cup of every layer of Popsicle you intend on making.

Take a wooden stick and stick it the middle of the layered combination placed in a plastic cup half way through freezing to make it stand.

Make sure you have a blender and enough amounts of sugar and water at your disposal. Take a few different pieces of fruit and line them up. We used pineapples, strawberries, oranges, grapes and peach. Now begin with one fruit at a time.

Cut the piece of fruit into chunks and put in in the blender and add a tablespoon of sugar and three tablespoons of water.

Blend it till it becomes smooth and taste to feel whether it has a sweet taste. Please note the riper the fruit is and the type of fruit determines the sugar amount which can vary greatly. Strawberries will need only two to three tablespoons of sugar and the peach may require up to quarter a cup of sugar.

The next step involves pouring out the first layer of fruit in the Popsicle mold and sticking it in the freezer.   Leave it for 20 minutes or until when it is almost solid. As you wait for the first layer to solidify, carry on with blending the rest of the fruits aligning them up and get ready to add them.

After successfully adding all your fruit layers, now you can let your Popsicle’s freeze for around 8 hours to let them harden completely.

To gently remove your Popsicle’s, add a slight amount of hot water around the mold and simply pop out the fresh frozen fruit Popsicle!! Enjoy!!!




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