Easy To Make DIY Delicious New Year’s Confetti Clock Cookies

I can’t believe that 2014 its just around the corner! Just a few days and we say good bye to 2013 and hello to 2014! And if you didn’t start planning yet the New Year’s party don’t worry! We have a wonderful idea for the dessert. Just one suggestion: do not put confetti inside the cookies (it will be quite hard). Try putting small messages or small candy’s. Its your decision to make!! First of all prepare a basic sugar cookie dough. Use a large cookie cutter to cut circles from the cookie dough. Now you will need another cookie cutter, smaller than the first one. Bake all the round cookies according to the sugar cookie dough directions and when they are done leave them to cool. Make icing using powdered sugar and milk (white icing) and a little bit of food colorant for the red icing. Its time to “assembly” the New Year’s cookies: take one big cookie circle, add white icing and on top the smaller cookie circle having the hole in the middle. Here you can store small messages or small candy’s. Now “close” the pocket with icing and a cookie on time. Before you start decorating let the white icing to harden. Now you can decorate using the red icing and food color pens for the clock numbers. Enjoy! Happy New Year’s!!


New Years Confetti Clock Cookies

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