Easy To Make DIY Yarn Winter Hat Ornaments

Decorating our Christmas tree together with our friends and family is a beautiful “tradition” in our family that we love doing every Winter Holidays. If you want to have a beautiful Christmas tree, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on original tree decorations. With a little bit of creativity you can have the most original and cute Christmas tree ornaments ever. With this brilliant DIY project you will have in no time a cute, original ornament: yarn winter hat ornaments. These cute little hats will look great in your Christmas tree, window or even as a colorful garland. To get started on these cute DIY idea, you will need the following materials: colorful yarn, empty toilet paper rolls, a pair of scissors and a ruler.

Follow the instructions: Take the toilet paper roll and using the pair of scissors, cut a ring from the toilet paper roll, 23 mm wide. Take the yarn and cut proximally 40 “tails” of yarn, 35 cm long. You can use different colors of yarn and make colorful ornaments. The yarn follows the roll out of the toilet paper roll as it follows: fold a few yarn “tails” in half, bent the end of the yarn and push it into the ring yarn and pass the resulting double loop end of the yarn. Tighten the yarn and proceed similar with all the yarn “tails” until the entire toilet paper ring is wrapped in yarn. Be careful not to overlap¬†the yarn “tails” but make sure that the “tails” are close together. Now all you have to do is to hang your yarn decorations in your Christmas tree or to make a mobile for your baby and enjoy the Winter Holidays! Enjoy!!!



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