Easy To Make “Double Rainbow Cocktail By Camper English”

This colorful cocktail is sooooo easy to make!!! Actually the ice cubes are the ones that give color to this cocktail. And because New Year’s its just around the corner this cocktail will be the star of the New Year’s party. To make this DIY home project you will need: one ounce of Vodka, one ounce of elder flower liqueur (St. Germain), four ounces soda water, four dashes grapefruit bitters (Fee Brothers), for garnish lemon peel and rainbow ice cubes. To make the rainbow ice you have to add food coloring in the ice cube tray. Fill the tray with water and put the tray to the freezer. To add a little bit of “creativity” to the cocktail cut the lemon peel in start shapes. Add the ingredients into a glass together with the rainbow ice cubes. Don’t forget to garnish the cocktail with cute little lemon stars. Enjoy!!



Photo Credit: http://simko.tumblr.com

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