Easy To Make Glow-In-The-Dark Slime – DIY

 Kids love playing with all kind of stuff that is interesting to them!!! And if you want to keep them busy for a few hours that all you have to do is to make the following DIY project that we are bringing to you: glow-in-the-dark-slime. You can call it slime, or putty or even gak but I can promise you that this homemade slime will be a very fun activity for your kids. Also, you can ask them to help you with this awesome project and I am sure that they will not say “no”. You can also through a big party fro them where this awesome DIY project will be the main “guest”. Now all you have to do is to head on to “A pumpkin & A princess” blog to discover all the ingredients and instructions….


A pumpkin & A princess – Homemade Glow in the dark Slime Recipe



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