Easy To Make Home Project – Colorful Lights Using Solar Lights And Jars

I am sure that you will enjoy a lot this DIY project. These colorful lights are very easy to make and for sure will put a smile on your face when you are having a glass of wine in the evening on your terrace or patio. So let put our creativity to work and make some beautiful glow in the dark colorful solar lights. You will need: lights (solar powered), frosting spray, jars with clamp lid’s (put them in the fridge an hour before you start your project), a cloth or a towel, different colors glass paint, Popsicle sticks. Take the jar and remove the lid and clamp lid and set them aside. Use the cloth or towel to clean the inside of the jar. Take the Popsicle stick and place them on some paper or newspapers and put the jars upside down on the sticks. Now its time for the frosting spray: paint the jars on the outside. Let them dry. To give a little bit of color you can use different colored paint (for glass) and paint the bulbs. Place the solar powered light inside the jars and put the lid and clamp back on. During day time place them under the sun to give them time to charge so you can have a beautiful glowing evening. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: http://putitinajar.com

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