Easy To Make Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry is priceless!!! It keeps it’s value in time and lets admit it does look very good on you!! But in time, jewelry looses its sparkle and you have to do something to make it look as new. This is why I have the perfect DIY idea for you that will help you save money: an homemade DIY jewelry cleaner. Very easy to make you will have your jewelry look as new in no time.

You will need the following supplies: one large bowl, aluminium foil, one tbsp of salt, one tbsp of baking soda, one tbsp dish washer soap and one cup of hot, hot water, rubber gloves.

Instructions: To keep your hands protected and save use one pair of rubber gloves from the beginning of the project till the end of it. Use the aluminium foil to cover the inside of the large bowl. Add inside the bowl all the ingredients above. Use a spoon to mix all the “ingredients” together. The final solution should have a whitish color and a creamy texture. Add the jewelry that you want to clean in the mixture and let it act for approx 10 minutes. Take the jewelry out and wash it with cold water. Use a towel to dry and clean them. Enjoy!!

Note: Use this homemade jewelry cleaner only on: silver, sterling silver, brass, nickel, gold filled and also with pearls.



Photo Courtesy: http://www.wire-sculpture.com/


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