Easy To Make Makeup Storage Using Shoe Boxes

Fashion, as we all know, covers a wide scope that goes beyond application of makeup and choosing the right clothing to wear according to the mood, season, occasion and the weather pattern of the day. Due to fashion, we find ourselves buying and keeping too much stuff. When it comes to make up, we have a lot of makeup that we apply but not all at once. This means that even the dresser is filled with products, so the question is, how do we store these products and leave our area neat? Well, there is a solution, instead of throwing out the shoe boxes let’s make up a DIY creative storage for our makeup….

 You will need the following materials: duct tape, shoe boxes (also the lids), glue,beads or ribbons for decoration and wrapping paper (what colour you prefer).

 Follow the instructions:

Step one: Start by placing boxes side by side and determine the size you want. Join the boxes together using the gluer and leave them to dry. Stick the boxes together simply by applying the glue on their sides.

Step Two: On the base, carefully and neatly stick duct tape. The tape will give you a sturdy structure that will not topple over.

Step Three: Now flip over the box and stick duct tape on its ridges on the spot where the boxes meet. This way, you’ll come up with a dividing compartment of the box.

Step Four: Take the three lids and slice them open on one side on two lids, but the third lid cut out two sides (refer to the photo as a guidance).

Step Five: Place the lids side by side and use the duct tape to stick them into place (holding them together). On the other side use the duct tape as well. You will have created a single lid as well as a single box from shoe boxes.

Step Six: You can now bring in the wrapping paper and wrap it on the three lids forming a bow and sticking them on the drawers you have created with glue.

Step Seven: Your makeup box is all done! And you can start arranging all of your makeup. Enjoy!!!


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