Easy To Make Melted Chocolate Using The Slow Cooker Method

If you are having a chocolate themed party then you will need also a simple and easy way to melt different chocolate varieties! You can use the melted chocolate to drizzle over cookies, popcorn or you can dip the pretzel stick into the melted chocolate. You can use many other ways to melt chocolate, for example using a saucepan. Using the slow cooker method its so much easier. Gather the following ingredients and supplies and lets get started.

To melt chocolate you will need: mason jars (these are heat tolerant), a slow cooker and also spoons for drizzling / stirring. For melting: different types of melting chocolate (chunks, bars, pellets), dark chocolate chips, white ones, milk or semi sweet chocolate chips and also flavored ones.

Follow the instructions: Take the chocolate chips, melting chocolate and flavored chocolate chips and put them in the mason jars. Add the jars inside the slow cooker making sue that you leave a little bit of space between the jars. Very carefully (so you don’t get water inside also the jars because it will ruin the chocolate) add hot water into the slow cooker (half way up the jars).  Turn on the cooker on high nut don’t cover it. Leave everything to melt and after approx 40 minutes you can start to stir the chips. After everything is melted turn the cooker heat down (warm / low setting). Now all the chocolate is ready for your party. Start pouring, dipping or drizzling on cookies, popcorn, pretzel sticks. What is good to know is that the melted chocolate and chips will keep the consistency (thin and melted) for about 2 to 3 hours. Enjoy!!!


Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate!

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