Easy To Make Mold Removal – DIY

Nobody’s house is perfect!! I know mine isn’t! Everyone should live in a cozy and comfy home (like mine)! But a cozy and comfy house doesn’t mean also super clean. We have kids, a hubby, a job and we don’t have all the time in the world to clean daily every corner of our home. And when it comes to the bathroom, we have a bigger problem. Mold!!! Beside the soap scum that is building on the bathtub we also have mold that is “spreading” quickly and also so hard to get rid of. And if you also have an old tile (like the 50’s or 60’s) and you do not have time to clean it every day its terrible. But we have an DIY home idea for you: “homemade” mod removal. Get rid of the mold forever using the following’s: cotton beauty coils (you can also use old fashion cotton balls) and bleach. Start by soaking the cottons in bleach and wipe the mold spots with it. Do not wash with water. Let the cotton “sit” over night on the mold stains and the next day you will have an awesome result: no more mold!! Only, to be save and to protect your hands do not forget to use a pair of rubber gloves. Enjoy!!

shower tile mold clean before after

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