Easy To Make Princess Cupcakes – DIY

No matter how old people are, they still love cartoons. And when it comes to princess cartoons…. you can’t say that you don’t love them just a little bit. These princess are so colorful, beautiful and they bring a smile to your face every time you see them on TV. And what is best is that today, we are going to learn a very fun and colorful DIY recipe: Princess Cupcakes. These are so perfect for your little girl’s birthday party and also quite simple to make. So lets gather everything and start “creating”: cupcakes (you will decide the number and the flavor), frosting (you can use vanilla butter cream or any other frosting you prefer), large petal tip, piping bag, food coloring, different pictures with princess, lollipop or Popsicle sticks and disco dust. First of all start with the cupcakes: bake them and let to cool. Prepare the frosting. Depending on what princesses you want to make prepare the frosting: blue frosting, pink frosting, yellow frosting. To “decorate” the cupcakes print the princess images (only the face and upper body). You can use thick paper or regular one. Or both: first thick and than regular. Use clear tape to glue the images on the lollipops or Popsicle sticks. Put the butter cream or frosting in the piping bag and using a large petal tip you can start decorating the cute cupcakes. Start at the “bottom” and make pretty large petals and as you move to the top make smaller petals. Enjoy!!

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