Easy To Make Stained Glass Candle Holder

Bringing you today another awesome and creative DIY idea: stained glass candle holder. A quite inexpensive DIY project that you can bring to an end using materials that you all ready have in your home. Make a special and also unique stained glass candle holder  for you or any other member of the family. I am pretty sure that they will love your DIY idea.

You will need the following materials: a pair of scissors, tissue (different colors), square shaped glass, Mod Podge (glue), paintbrush.

Follow the instructions: Take one tissue (which color you desire) and using the pair of scissors start cutting little shapes: flowers, stars, small hearts. Take the empty square shaped glass and with the help of the paintbrush start gluing the shapes to the glass applying  Mod Podge on top of each shape. Combine the Mod Podge with a little bit of water so that the texture is thinner and after it dries the glue will be transparent. Let it dry for a few hours. Put inside a square candle and your cute glass candle holder is done! Enjoy!!!




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