Easy To Make Pearls Christmas Tree Ornaments – DIY

These pearl Christmas tree ornaments are so easy to make and also you will have a lot of fun in making them. Grab your materials and lets get to work: Styrofoam ball, hoked pins, long pins, pearls (different shapes and sizes), glue gun, colored ribbon. What is important to know is that them colored the pearls are the greater the ornament will look. Take the long pins and start adding pearls on them. You have to use a glue gun to glue the pearls to the long pins so your decoration won’t deteriorate. Also, leave space at the bottom of the pin so you can stick the pins into the Styrofoam ball. Also, glue the pin to the Styrofoam ball using the glue gun. Place the pin pearls as close one to each other as possible so you won’t have any empty spaces on your Christmas decoration. Leave a little space to attache the hooked pin and the ribbon to the hooked pin so you can hang your awesome decoration in the tree. Happy Christmas!



Photo Credit: http://www.diy-enthusiasts.com

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