Easy Way To Clean A Microfiber Couch – DIY

You have a microfiber couch that you love and you don’t want to change? A couch that has a lot of juice, spaghetti or any other food’s or drink’s stains that you tried to remove but no luck?! No problem. You don’t have to by a very expensive couch instead of the one you love. You can clean it just by trying our DIY solution to clean a microfiber couch. To start cleaning it you will have to prepare your “ingredients” and supplies: a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, two white sponges (do not use colored ones because the color from the sponge may transfer to your couch) and a bristle brush. Take the rubbing alcohol and pour it in the spray bottle. Spray the rubbing alcohol directly on the stain and use one of the two sponges and start rubbing the area pretty hard. Notice how the stains are “transferring” on your sponge from the couch. To avoid to transfer the dirt back into your microfiber couch use also the second white sponge to finish the job. Let everything dry very well. Do not worry, the rubbing alcohol will dry much faster than plain water. Now all you have to do is to brush the formal stains using the bristle brush. Check your couch!!! Did you buy a new one?! 🙂   Enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: http://551eastdesign.blogspot.ca/

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