Easy Way To Make A DIY Lego Lamp

Lego was, is and will remain one of the most popular and favourite game of all times. Only with a few little colorful pieces you can play for hours and also you can build beautiful structures: homes, cars…. Every child loves Lego! Make a two in one DIY project with our DIY idea: lego lamp. Look around in your home for an “old” lamp and go to the local toy store and buy a Lego kit. Make that plain lamp from your child’s room an colorful and cheerful one. Use only the pieces that are 2 x 4 cm’s long. Start from the base of the lamp and assembly the Lego pieces up to the top. Involve also your kinds in this beautiful project. I am sure that they will love this!!! At the end, don’t worry if its not perfect!!! It is your DIY project and its one of a kind. Get inspired by the picture bellow. Enjoy!!!




Photo Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

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