Make A Family Hand Print Tree

I love to have all kind of memories regarding my family: old pictures, old baby clothes. This is a perfect project to spend time with your family while you are making it. After you will finish it will look great anywhere: in the bedroom, living room, or even your kitchen.  Hand print is quite popular today that’s why you can find different art projects with hand prints on many arts and crafts websites. Gather the following materials: a frame / a poster board / brown and colored acrylic paint. Begin by drawing a tree on the poster board. Don’t worry if the tree doesn’t come out good. It is your own memory and it will be unique. Color the tree with brown acrylic paint. Use the colored acrylic paint and paint your hands and your kid’s hands and start leaving hand prints on the poster board. Don’t worry: acrylic paint its non-toxic and washes off  very easy. If you want you can also add small pictures with you and your family. For sure it will look great!!




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