Family Trees – How to Make It Happen

Everyone dreams and wishes to learn their family history. And to think a genealogy display is a fabulous addition and a great idea for any house. Bellow you can find out some tips to get you started if you want to create your very own family history display: Firs, start with what you know. Write down your name, Mom’s name, Dad’s name, Grandma and Grandpa. Don’t get discouraged if you only know a few names. Second, email a close relative who knows all about this stuff. I am shore your relative will be more than happy to share what she/he knows. You can probably find out most of what you need in a few email exchanges. And third, join in the search yourself. Use sites on the internet to see what else you can find.


Starting to feel like an expert? Feel free to go deeper and email your hometown City Hall and request birth, marriage and death certificates to confirm dates and places.








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