Fix Cat Scratches on Leather Using Olive Oil

I love pets!!!You can consider them family members. They bring joy to your family, give you unconditional love, never judge you and also mess the beautiful things around our home. Yes… I am talking about our leather sofas and leather chairs. What can I say?! I can not punish my cat because she scratched the sofa. She left her mark behind after a session of play with the neighbors cat. At first I used a blanket and covered the scratches but after a while I just wanted to get rid of them. I got all my information up to date on how can I get rid of the cat scratches and I found a very easy and at the same time surprisingly solution: olive oil. I was thinking if it’s not working I can make quick a delicious salad with olive oil and do not regret that I gave money on it. I took a very soft cloth and started rubbing the olive oil into the leather sofa. Make circles with the cloth when you are rubbing the oil inside. The most important key in this easy project is how you rub the olive oil in. Use also a paper towel to buff the oil off a little bit and also not to have oil residue on the leather sofa. Also its best to know that if you have deeper marks it might be possible to see them also after the “procedure” but I can assure that it will look much better than it did. Enjoy!!


How to Fix Cat Scratches on Leather

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