Funny Bedrooms in the World

The bedroom is a very important space each persons house, his destination: rest and relaxation.
But human imagination has no limits. And when you have at your disposal a fortune, nothing can stop you to install a slide to the downstairs bedroom, building a platform for your nightstand,  bed and TV in the middle of the pool or your couch placed in a hole in the floor . If you agree with the line “I’m tired of my bed from home …” here are some interesting and funny options for your new bedroom.

Enjoying the wild life if you don’t have neighbors


Ideal bed for those who like to cuddle.


‘ Pirates Bedroom’. Hopefully nobody cry ‘Man overboard?’


This hotel apartment offers guests a bedside pool. Great to start your day, but not recommended for sleepwalkers.


Sweat dreams if you dream that you are a pilot.


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