Funny and Unusual Ideas to Clean Up Your Home

When it comes to cleaning the house, an  efficiently cleaning product and right tools can ease your hard work. To clean the floor you need a mop mop. There are several types of mops: dust mops, sponge mop, flat mops, wet mops. Also a new invention in terms of cleaning products has invaded the market, namely: mop slippers  for the lazy house keepers. The slippers are very practical and easy to use. The only disadvantage is that you can not use them under narrow furniture.


There is also a special mop addressed to babies.
The baby suit has mop heads attached to the arms and legs so your nipper ends up cleaning the floor as it moves around on it. It’s made ​​from microfiber mop material attached directly to the baby clothes. It is an outfit that woke a lot of controversy and had many contradictory discussions but at the Same time sold well in the market.





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