Garbage Truck or Luxury Mobile Home?!


You must have a lot of imagination if you want to transform an industrial garbage truck into a stylish, luxurious place where you can stay when you are traveling across the world. You can find inside all the accessibility you need when you are away from home: kitchen with all the accessibility’s: sink, cooking utensils, stove; bathroom, office also a second level where you will find the bedroom; a little lounge where you can relax. You also have a place outside on the back of the truck where you can attach your motorbike. The perfect home away from home!!!








Photo Credit: http://dornob.com/garbage-truck-or-luxury-offroad-mobile-home/#axzz2kePt7dYT


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5 Responses to "Garbage Truck or Luxury Mobile Home?!"

  1. Cady says:

    Well done to think of soemtihng like that

  2. Nono says:

    It’s NOT the same truck!. We see 2 different outside views – NEITHER of which has the windows we see inside!

    • Yon Abraham says:

      It is the same truck, it’s called a pop up, if you look all the windows are above the side door, once roof has gone up windows will appear, now if they showed it in travel mode you wouldn’t be able to see out the windows inside.

    • Steven Stapleton says:

      The windows slide open…genius….

  3. looks closer says:

    The only windows are the ones by the couch. If you look at the back of the truck, there is a covered white square on either side by the back. The door, to the kitchen, is closer to the cab of the truck. It is the same truck. The windows & door just close, almost seamlessly, so the truck still looks like a trash truck.

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