Get Your Knit On With This Giant Wool Blanket

Do you like knitting?! Are you bored with the same scarfs, beanies and booties?! If yes, then its time to take your knitting to the next level. And when I say “next level” I mean this awesome DIY craft project: giant wool blanket. Don’t let yourself be limited!! Don’t have needles that big?! Try using PVC pipes. Don’t have yarn balls that big?! Try using wool batting formed into strands. At first it looks like a lot of work, and it really is, but at the end of these DIY project you will have the most cozy and warm ginormous knitted blanket ever made by you! Enjoy!!!

All Instructions And Details To Knit A Giant Wool Blanket Here…..


Imgur –┬áThe story of the giant blanket



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