Gourmet Paper Mache – “Game of Thrones” Paper Mache (Video)

I’ve never heard of “Gourmet Paper Mache” until a few days ago. I was very curious and wanted to see what “Paper Mache” stands for. I was amazed! The owner of the website, Dan “The Monster Man” does a wonderful job when it comes to combining paper mache with cloth and glue. He runs also a site about Paper Mache and he also has two books in print about how to paper mache.

If you love “Game of Thrones” then you are in luck. By following Dan’s video’s and also purchasing his books he will teach you how to create the three dragons from “Game of Thrones”: Drogons, Viserion and Rhaegal. Just get your materials ready, paper mache, cloth and glue, follow the video and put your creativity to work. Enjoy!!!

Discover also a lot of other paper mache projects here:

Gourmet Paper Mache –
“Game of Thrones” Paper Mache


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