How To Grow Lemons Seeds

If you want to have in your very own home a beautiful lemon plant than you will love this idea: grow your very own lemons seeds. The best is to use organic lemon seeds. You have to have a 24 hours start because you have to leave at soak the seeds during this hours. Take the lemons out and gently dry them. Now you need to take of the outer shell and to be very careful not to destroy the seed from the inside. Prepare the pot with potting soil and plant the lemon seeds. Moist the soil. Put pebbles on top of the soil enough to cover it. Use a plastic wrap to cover the pot. Place the pot in a warm place. When the lemon seeds begin to sprout you have to remove the plastic wrap. Keep the soil moist but don’t exaggerate with watering. You have to be patience because you have to wait for about 15 years until you will have your first lemon fruits. But don’t worry! Enjoy the growing process.


Lemon seeds sprouting. If you want to, you can transfer the buds in vases to grow and give fruits!

Photo credit: http://thehomesteadsurvival.com/grow-lemons-seeds/#.Uiw-TzZdw0w

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