Grow A Potato Vine Plant

Grow a potato vine plant: use sweet potatoes with several “eyes”. Use toothpicks and stick  them in the center of the potato. Using a jar with a wide mouth, suspend the potato using the toothpicks. Make sure that the water from the jar is enough to cover some potato “eyes”. In order for the roots to grow and the potato “eye” to sprout you have to place the jar where you have a lot of light. Make sure that its not outside. When you have at least 3 leaves on each sprout place the potato into a a flower pot and cover with soil. To have a more bushier plant when the vines reach aprox. 10 inches clip the ends. Don’t forget to use fertilizer on your potato vine plant.


Photo Source: http://www.homebestprojects.com/potato-vine-plant-grow-it-in-your-home/

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