A Guide to House Plants – Infographic

Homeowners are continually seeking ways in which to rejig their homes and spaces. Perhaps by building an extension. Or simply making a few décor tweaks, such as adding a few house plants, for example. And this the one that we also recommend. Because the addition of beautiful greenery in any room can make the entire house look more polished. Not to mention that most house plants also have practical qualities such as improving the air quality of a living space.

In this infographic, from our friends at EZ Living Interiors, you can discover some fantastic suggestions for ideal house plants. Such as where to situate them around your home. As well as useful tips on how to preserve the quality of these plants for as long as possible. Just remember that house plants need proper care and maintenance if they are to survive  and thrive. Placing them on a windowsill or shelf and waiting for them to grow will not be enough.

Of course, it’s also worth knowing how best to care for any plant that you buy, as different plant types will have different care rules. For instance, white jasmine requires full sunlight during spring and summer if it is to thrive – thus making it perfect for placing in your kitchen – whereas snake plants can grow without any great need for exposure to light.

Check out the infographic below for more great tips on how you can enjoy prosperous house plants throughout your home.


Infographic by EZ Living Interiors


Please note that the content of this article, both text, and infographic, have been created and offered by the lovely people at EZ Living Interiors. And we encourage you to check them out for any interior needs you may have!

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