Halloween Crafts for Kids in 2021 [Quick and Easy!]

The most exciting holiday of the year has got to be Halloween! Strolling down the street in scary costumes and counting the candy stash at the end of the night! Although this celebration only happens on October 31, it doesn’t mean that your kids can’t celebrate right up until the big day. Sure, carving pumpkins can be fun, but it could get boring real fast especially if you’re doing the same thing every year.

What if I told you that there are other ways to encourage your kids to explore their creativity during the spookiest season of the year? There are tons of fun and interesting Halloween crafts that your kids and even the entire family to join in that will help prep your house in the spooky, scary, or sweet spirit.

Whether you’re preparing for a big Halloween party, just decorating your front porch to welcome trick-or-treaters, or crafting just for the fun of it, these simple DIY ideas will surely make this year’s Halloween the most creative one yet.

Top 30+ Halloween Crafts for Kids in 2021

1. Treat Box Haunted Houses

Paper treat boxes can act as the perfect canvas for your kids to build and decorate their own haunted houses! Make a set and display them on your mantel for some extra spookiness this Halloween.

2. Paper Bag Monster Puppets

This is the perfect option for keeping the youngest children in your family entertained! These comical paper puppets will surely have them tumbling around laughing for days.

3. Black Cat Cross-Stitch

Keep your kids entertained and put those little fingers to work with this simple cross-stitch pattern. It is primarily only one color and will be easy enough for a child to make with little supervision. However, cross-stitch involves needles meaning this project might be suitable for older kids.

4. Leaf Ghosts

These back-to-nature crafts are un-boo-lievably adorable ghosts that will spook any guest that walks through. The best part about this craft is that you get a chance to send your kids out of the house to forage for fallen leaves. Once they’ve picked their favorite leaves, simply paint the leaves with white paint and draw black eyes with a black marker pen. String them together for a spooky garland and scatter them along with the table or wall.

5. Mummy Pumpkins

The little ones will have so much time wrapping up these mini pumpkins with strips and strips of gauze. However, we do recommend for the adults to handle the staple gun and hot glue work. To make this, you need to wrap a small pumpkin with strips of gauze, hold the strips in place with hot glue. Then, attach two differently sized black buttons with hot-glue to create scary eyes. For the mouth, you can tack down a length of thin black twine with staples!

6. Paper Pumpkins

These may look fancy and challenging to make, but they’re actually super easy to make! They’re so fun and addictive to make that you might just make enough for the whole neighborhood.

7. Candy Wreath

I’m sure the best part about Halloween for the kids is going to be all the candy! You can turn all those candy into a beautiful candy wreath to hang in front of your door. The kids can even pitch in by picking the candy and tying on the box.

8. DIY Monster Bookmarks

Encourage your kids this season to read Halloween books at school and at home with these colorful monster bookmarks. They’re so adorable that your kids will not be able to wait to read and flip the pages just to use the bookmark.

9. Cat Face Garland

Create this purr-fect black cat garland and hang it across the mantel with a few simple steps!

Step 1: Download a cat face template anywhere online or even draw one your own.

Step 2: Use a white pencil and trace the template onto a black card stock. Then cut out the desired number of cat faces that you want.

Step 3: Fringe the sides of the car’s face and the top of its head with scissors.

Step 4: Cut three pieces of black waxed twine that are about 4” long for each cat. Knot them together in the center of the twine and glue them to the car’s face to create whiskers.

Step 5: Use a standard single-hole punch to create holes for eyes in the center of the cat’s face about 21/2” apart.

Step 6: Hand string lights and position the cat faces on 2 lightbulbs, one in each eye hole. And you’re done!

10. Sugar Drawings

Have your kids paint over a “magical” sugar mixture and watch as they are amazed at the unique design you prepared appear beneath it. You can even customize these invisible paintings with different designs to suit different holiday seasons. Your kids will now surely have even more reasons to look forward to the next holiday.

11. Spider Cookies

The only thing better than a typical Halloween project is to make one where you get to eat! And these spider cookies are one of the best things to make together for an after-school snack.

12. Paper Jack-o’-Lanterns

A suggestion to make this project way less messy is to cut out the carvings. Simply cut facial features and stems from black construction paper and apply to orange tissue balls with glue dots and you’re all set.

13. Spooky Paper Cutouts

Download a few spiders, bones, and skulls template online to help you make some creepy décor. Here are a few steps to get you started:

Step 1: Cut a 5”W x 18”L strip from a sheet of construction paper. Measure in three inches from one of the five-inch ends and mark. From there, measure and mark four more times.

Step 2: Fold the paper at the first mark, flip it over and fold it again at the next mark. Then keep flipping and folding according to the shape.

Step 3: Print the template of your choice and cut along the shape.

Step 4: Center it atop the folded paper and trace around the shape with a pencil.

Step 5: Carefully cut out the shape, going through all the layers of the folded paper. Once you’re done cutting, you can unfold it to reveal a long strip of spooky paper cutouts. You can even create a longer row by repeating the steps and adhering the garlands together with tacky glue.

14. Monster Party Hats

Not every kid will enjoy or appreciate spooky and scary things, but silly is definitely something every kid will love. So, skip the horror and try a brightly colored craft like this instead. These whimsical crafts are perfect for hosting a hilarious monster party.

15. Rainbow Pumpkins

Here’s an incredibly easy craft that your kids and spend the whole afternoon doing and also one that you can display proudly in your front porch. Pick out a few complementary hues and let your kids go to town painting the pumpkins.

16. Day of the Dead Pillows

This DIY sugar skull pillow not only looks beautiful and sophisticated, but it is an easy kids’ craft that everyone will enjoy. The pillow’s face is constructed almost entirely out of scraps of colorful felt. You can cut out the shapes for your kids and let them construct their desired design with fabric glue.

17. Halloween Clay Handprint Keepsake

Preserve your child’s adorable little handprint forever with this festive and cute craft.

18. Monster Lollipops

Have your kids make and design their very own Halloween treats to pass out to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters with this simple, sweet edible craft project.

19. DIY Silly Ghost Balloons

Who says ghosts always have to be scary? Let your kids draw silly, happy and worried faces on these ghost “bodies” and drape them over balloons. Your kids can even name the friendly ghosts for extra fun!

20. Duct Tape Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving may be a little challenging for little kids, especially if you’ve got more than one running around the house. Instead, you can try to make one with festive duct tape this year. Glue on some googly eyes for a finishing touch.

21. Confetti-Dipped Pumpkins

This pumpkin-painting DIY will delight your kids and can even pull off a double duty as a beautiful home décor. All you need is to paint mini pumpkins and wait for it to dry. Once they’re ready, you can apply glue to where you want the confetti to stick and sprinkle confetti all over and let it dry thoroughly.

22. Spider Suckers

You add a scary twist to boring old lollipops by dressing them up as creepy crawlies.

23. Paper Plate Pumpkins

Watch your toddler’s face light up as they watch their own very jack-o’-lantern come to life with a mere paper plate and construction paper.

24. Painted Owl Pumpkin

We understand that some pumpkin ideas can get a little too complicated and tricky for little ones. Fortunately, this and other easy painted pumpkin DIYs are easy enough for even the youngest crafters to do with minimal supervision.

25. Halloween Pins

Halloween doesn’t have to be one day only. Youngsters can celebrate Halloween the whole of October by wearing these clay Halloween-themed pins. Shape clay pins with cookie cutters. Stick on some googly eyes and draw faces for them and they’re ready to go on backpacks or clothes.

26. Festive Finger Puppets

These tiny trinkets are not only the perfect craft to keep your children occupied at home, but they will even bring much laughter and fun the whole night.

27. Felt Pumpkin Treat Bag

All you need are a few supplies and stitches to create this perfect felt pumpkin bag that’s going to introduce your little ones to sewing.

28. Halloween Party Poppers

You can begin this project by collecting empty toilet paper tubes that can be turned into party poppers. Let your kids stuff them with their favorite Halloween candies and decorate the outside with construction paper or wrapping paper.

29. Yarn-Wrapped Mummies

The only skill you’ll need to make this cute mummy craft is to wrap strings around a paper doll figure. The best part is, no matter which direction it goes, it will always be right! String some together for a creative garland.

30. Candy Corn Party Hat

This cute candy corn hat is the perfect item for Halloween parties, dress-up, play time, or even to wear as part of your DIIY Halloween costumes for kids.

31. Cotton Ball Ghost Craft

Your kids will be so proud of their boo-tiful and adorable ghosts made from soft fluffy cotton balls.

32. Halloween Paper Lantern

Amaze the kids then they see that this Halloween paper lantern can be made and take shape with just a few scissor cuts. You can even add battery-operated votives for a pretty glow.

33. DIY Halloween Puzzles

This easy project doubles as a Halloween craft and game. You can even make them reversible to double the fun. This should keep your kids occupied the entire afternoon.

34. Haunted House Paper Bag

This Spooktacular haunted house can be made with as much or as little detail as you and your child want, making this an appropriate project for kids of all ages.

35. Bat Socket Puppet

Your kids will simply go batty with their own handmade puppet this season. Best part is that you only need three simple steps to have fun at home.

Step 1: Begin by sliding one hand inside a children’s black crew sock until your fingertips reach the end of the sock. Using a cartoon bat as a guide, determine where the ears, eyes, mouth, fangs, and wings will go. You can mark them with chalk.

Step 2: Remove the sock from your hand and hand-stich two red button eyes in place, a single-line mouth with red embroidery floss. You can cut out two black felt triangles for the ears and two white felt triangles for the fangs and hand-stitch them in place.

Step 3: Cut two wings out of black felt that are at least 5”W x 14”L and hand-stitch to the sock as shown.

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