Make a Handbag Without Sewing

You can not put any outfit on without accessorizing the outfit. That is why a belt or a bracelet or a necklace or most important and loved item meaning an handbag are the key to a successful outfit. If you want to have an original handbag then you will love our idea: no sew handbag. Just follow the steps bellow and you will have in no time your matching “creation”:

Step 1 – Place a piece of leather (which color you like and have at hand) on a round plate and make circle. Use scissors to cut the round piece of leather.

Step 2 – Use a piece of paper and fold it, same size as the leather: make first a semi circle, after that a pie and so on, for 3 or 4 times. Perforate the paper in the middle leaving margins of 1 to 2 inch.
Step 3 – Place the unfolded paper on the piece of leather and mark the perforations. Perforate the leather piece where the leather is marked. Pass a ribbon through the perforations marks.
Step 4 – Extend the ribbon from the ends and then neatly knot the ends of the ribbon. Put a belt on the sides in order to create the handle.
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