Homemade Remedies That Actually Work

That headache, sore throat or stomach pain keeps bothering you?! You’ve already took pills but no results? Look no more! Did you know that you have all the answers in your kitchen? Treat that stupid headache that’s bothering you with the help of an natural treat you already have in your pantry. Discover that perfect natural cure that you need with the help of an effective homemade remedy that will take all that pain away. Get inspired from these 9 homemade remedies that actually work, and say “goodbye” to those chemicals that we call “pills”. Enjoy!!!

1. DIY Homemade Remedies – Herbal Tincture For Migraines


Via “Frugally Sustainable”

2. DIY Homemade Remedies – DIY Arthritis Salve


Via “Fresh Bites Daily”

3. DIY Homemade Remedies – DIY Cough Drops


Via “The Coconut Mama”

4. DIY Homemade Remedies – DIY Vapor Rub


Via “Mommy Potamus”

5. DIY Homemade Remedies – DIY De-Bloat Potion


Via “Soul Food Living”

6. DIY Homemade Remedies – DIY Headache Salve


Via “Confessions of an Overwork-Mom” 

7. DIY Homemade Remedies – DIY Sage and Honey Cough Syrup


Via “And Here We Are….”

8. DIY Homemade Remedies – DIY Eczema Relief Butter


Via ” A Blossoming Life”

9. DIY Homemade Remedies – DIY Cold and Flu Remedy


Via “DIY Natural”
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