Ideas For A Christmas Card Holder

Seasons Greetings! We already made an ” Alternative Christmas Tree “, a ” Christmas Snow Globe ” and even a ” Light Bulb Snowman ” but  what do you do with all your Christmas cards?  I am sure that you stash them into a shoe box just like me. But how about instead of stashing them into that ordinary shoe box display them so the are visible and enjoy the holiday wishes and photos all season long. And also will improve a lot your home design. So, here are some examples for you to b inspired and choose a Christmas card holder.

Wire card holders – You can make them from twisted wire. You can give them any shape you want. What is best is that you can use this also after the holidays to display other cards or even photos from your vacation.


Ribbon memo board – This is very easy to make: you need a cardboard or any other “hard” material that you need to cover with some material and also to secure with ribbons. Displaying the season’s cards and photos is very easy: by tuck them into this fleece-covered tree.


Vertical ribbon holder –  Three or more wide vertical ribbons hang from a door.  Cards are attached to the ribbons.


Festive basket holder – Use an old basket. The basket can be made of wood or wire. you can cover the basket with fabric but in my opinion it will look great if you leave it in its natural way. You can hang it with a colored ribbon and add some mistletoe.


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