Ideas On How to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

Painting eggs is an activity in which you can involve the whole family, especially your children. If you want to use a new method this year you should try sponge painting! You can be creative with different colors or designs. You will need: boiled eggs; acrylic paints in many colors; household sponge; paper towel; support for eggs or empty a shell.
Soak the sponge in water and then squeeze until there is no more water. Cut it into several different pieces, so that you have one piece for each color. Use a piece of paper as a palette and put a small amount from each color. Take an egg in one hand and with the other apply with the sponge very slow as much paint as you desired. Then apply the foam directly on the egg, coloring it as you wish. After you painted the eggs put them on a cardboard shell to dry; Repeat steps four to six times for each egg, using different colors.


Hints: to get strong pastel colors of add white paint to get the color that you desire; use scissors to round the edges of the sponge, so your painting will look more elaborate; Be creative! Do different models cutting paper shaped as hearts or letters.  You can also paint and decorate Easter eggs using all other different ideas.








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