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When a “thing” gets “old” in most of the cases you can recycle and use this “recycled” thing to improve your home design. . The vintage bathtub was originally manufactured in U.S.A. by the American Standard Company on August 5, 1920. The idea is that not everyone has cut off one side of a classic tub, added some cushion, and made a stylish couch from recycled materials. Bathtubs and sinks that you can not use anymore make great furniture and garden accessories. Old vintage bathtub can be transformed into an interesting sofa or a fainting couch. Just put a tufted cushion and throw pillows on the bathtub and it will decorate a living room or outdoor lounge providing a place for seating. You can make also an outdoor bench using a bathtub. But beside furniture, a bathtub can make a great flower bed and can be used in the garden for planting flowers. “Old” sinks can be turned into outdoor fountains or used as planters. To give a little “fresh air” you can decorate with mosaic or just use it as it is. The faucets can be removed or preserved and even used to direct the fountain water flow. So if you want to DIY this idea just get inspired by our pictures. Enjoy!!







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