How to increase your space in a small apartment

Maybe you have seen a lot of ingenious ideas on how to increase your space in a small apartment. Still present a small apartment that manages to maximize space offering a comfortable lifestyle. This apartment building for owners by JPDA Architects has all utilities even more.. This original bed has storage space and shelves in the most unusual and most unexpected places reducing clutter and contributing to a modern design.

More details in the images below

poza 1

very-tiny-loft-studio-design-1-554x462 poza 2

very-tiny-loft-studio-design-2-554x434 poza 3

very-tiny-loft-studio-design-4-554x738 poza 6

very-tiny-loft-studio-design-5-554x434 poza 5

very-tiny-loft-studio-design-6-554x540 poza 4

very-tiny-loft-studio-design-8-554x436 poza 7

very-tiny-loft-studio-design-9-554x820 poza 9

very-tiny-loft-studio-design-10-554x891 poza 8

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