Want Your Kids Dream Come True? Here Are 12 Places To Take Them

Holiday season is here with us once again. This holiday, make it special for the young ones. Make them love you more, travel with them to a place that is magical and will remain etched in their minds for a long time to come. Bellow you will find 12 amazing places to take your kids and win a lot of love from them.

1.  The National Toy Hall of Fame – Located in Rochester, New York, this is a place that any kid will love to visit. It has a collection of iconic toys from throughout history and you can let your children learn and see what toys were, then the in thing during your young age.


2. Ninja in New York City – A Ninja themed restaurant located in the heart of New York, the restaurant will appeal to the young once since ninjas jump through walls. Ninjas let the children marvel at their fire and knife tricks and finally you will all be served by ninjas.


3. Nintendo World Store – Set up in New York City, this is the one place you can let your kid wonder in a mammoth gaming store, will find the coolest games find collectable memorabilia and get to visit the recently launched video game museum.


4. Sesame Place – Located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, you will find Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the rest of the gang. They are all available in Sesame Street Theme park. “Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away…”


5. Wild West City – The Wild West City Setup in Netcong, New Jersey, your kids can play dress up as cowboys and cowgirls and pan for gold, if they want ride a pony or better yet, witness a shoot-out unfolding on Main Street. The Street is an exact replica of the Main Street in Dodge City back in the 19th century.


6.Bedrock City – Bedrock City located in Custer, South Dakota. If your kids are Flintstone lovers they will definitely have a yabba dabba doo time at this Flintstone based theme park!


7. LEGOLAND – Setup in California and Florida, your children will love miniland that has been with replicas of landmarks from around the world that have been created from millions of Lego bricks. Fun and educational trip!


8. The Curious George Store – Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, your kids will love the place where the inquisitive monkey calls home. George at times drops by!


9. Hershey’s Chocolate World – Set up in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the Chocolate Haven. Bring your kids here and let them learn how chocolate is made. They will enjoy making their own candy bar and get to sample the various types of chocolates.


10. Harry Potter Platform 9 ¾ Shop – This is a shop in London (England) the beauty is, it’s located  in King’s Cross Station which is ironically the same train station Harry Potter used to travel through when he wanted to go to Hogwarts. The store sells among others; Authentic Hogwarts’s Uniforms / Wands / Spell Books / And all else your bedazzled wizard wants to purchase.


11. Paddington Station Shop – Situated in London, England, this is the same train station that the Brown family originally found in everyone’s favorite bear in a duffle coat who is nuts about marmalade.


12.  Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant – Located in Taipei, Taiwan, your little girl will be at home dinning at this restaurant full of dolls having tea parties.


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