How To Make A Lamp From Tin Cans

Tin cans are not just for stacking up in your cabinet, tossing in the trash or sending to the recycle bin. You can make different thing from a tin can: flower pots, flower vase, candles holders event an amazing lamp for your desk. If you have in your home a tin can, a can of spray paint and also a wire lamp in hand you can start creating. Nothing better that a new lamp in the corner to renew the little space. Better than that is free (you don’t have to buy it). The effect of the light near a smooth wall is sighing. Start by cleaning out the can. Remove the labels. Fill the can with water and place the can upright in a freezer overnight. Remove the can from the freezer the next day. The frozen water will help the can keep its shape. Without it, the can will dent easily.


 Use a hammer and nail to puncture through the outline of your shape with small gaps between each hole (you can use also a professional machine – if you chose this option don’t fill the can with water- but it is better with a nail and a hammer). Leave the ice to melt in the can. Tip out the water and dry the can. Spray paint the can. You can use your favorite color. After the can is dry put the wire lamp inside the tin can and close it. So, there you have it!! Is easy, right?!







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