Learn How To Make A Classic Christmas Wreath

Instead of making “Creative” Christmas wreath lets try, this time to make a classic one. I can assure you that it is a very simple project and it will be ready in no time. For us to get started you will need the following materials: an classic bird nest, ribbon (transparent to white color), a vine wreath, some spray paint to change the color of the vine wreath for a little bit, glue + glue gun, scissors, baby breathe¬†and Christmas ornaments. Try to have white or silver ornaments not colored ones. Using the glue gun, glue the baby breath (after you brooked it into little pieces) to the vine wreath. Make an beautiful bow using the ribbon and glue it to the wreath. Under the bow glue the bird nest using the glue gun. Also, using the glue gun place the ornaments all around the wreath. Make sure that the wreath it’s not so “stuffy”. Use also a piece of yarn or wire to display your classic Christmas wreath where ever you want. Happy Christmas!!!



Photo Credit: www.deckthehalls-christmas.blogspot.ro

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