Learn How To Make A Hanging Plant Holder

There is nothing better than a unique plant that the person you love can grow for years. Because regular flower pots are so common these days a handmade one would make a very original gift or even a “decoration” in your home. We are bringing some steps to you so you can make your very own hanging plant holder. Of course you can try to be inventive and creative. You may want to use different weave, crochet it if you have such skills, or even make it knitted. Your imagination is the only limit here.

You will need the following materials:


– A pair of scissors
– Some colorful skull beads
– Small jump rings and small silver beads
– Waxed cord in different colors


Step 1 — Cut a length of waxed cord, about six inches long.

Step 2 — Thread a jump ring onto the cord. Fold the cord in half, with the jump ring in the middle.

Step 3 — Thread the loose ends of the cord through the hole in the top of the skull. If the opening of the bead is too small or if you have difficulty getting both ends of the cord through, try using a needle.

Step 4 — Once the two lose ends of the cord come out through the bottom of the bead, hold both ends and pull the cord all the way through, until the jump ring hits the top of the bead.

Step 5 — Holding the two loose ends of the cord together again, thread two small silver beads through the cord.

Step 6 — Separate the two ends of the cord and tie them together in a knot, so the silver beads don’t fall off.

Step 7 — Cut six more lengths of cord, about 4-5 inches long.

Step 8 — Place the six new lengths of cord in-between the two pieces of cord attached to the skull bead. Tie these two ends around the new cord into a knot, forming a bundle.

Step 9 — Holding the six pieces of cord down, bring the two pieces of cord attached to the skull out from the bundle and begin to wrap them around the other pieces, forming a tassel.

Step 10 — Tie off the two loose ends to keep the tassel secure.

Step 11 — Cut the tassel to the desired length, making sure that all of the cord pieces are even.

Step 12 — Cut three new pieces of cord. These pieces should be about 3-4 feet long, depending on how long you’d like your final necklace to be. Feel free to chose a color that’s different from the one you used on the skull beads.

Step 13 — Tie the ends of the cord together in a knot. Braid the cord until you reach the length you want your necklace to be. Tie the remaining loose ends in another knot.

Step 14 — Thread the jump ring on top of the skull bead through the braided cord.

Step 15 — Tie the two ends of the braided cord together in a knot. We made our necklace long enough to fit over our heads, so we didn’t use a clasp.

And there you have it!!! Enjoy your beautiful “masterpiece”!!!


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Hanging Plant Holder

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