Learn How To Make A Lace Christmas Decoration


This time lets try something different. We are still in the Christmas area and I mean Christmas decoration but I want to try a different DIY idea. Learn how to make an unusual Christmas decoration using lace and your creative two “little” hands. I admit that this idea it’s not so easy and also requires certain skills for decorating. But don’t worry! We will manage and make an awesome and original Christmas decoration. You will need the following materials: a plastic ball or a Styrofoam ball, acrylic paint, lace, wax polish, PVA glue, brushes, palette knife,  texture paste, a sponge, brown oil paint. Using a brush start by covering with a layer of texture paint the plastic / Styrofoam ball. Let the ball dry. You can give another layer of texture paint. Take the lace and start by cutting small pieces so they can fit on the ball. Glue the lace pieces to the surface of the ball using a brush and PVA glue. Apply glue under the lace and also over the lace. Now you have a three-dimensional pattern of the lace on the ball. After the glue is dry use acrylic paint and cover the ball. Let it dry. Use wax polish and brown oil paint and make a paste. Apply it on the ball over the lace using a brush. Use the sponge to apply very well over the lace surface the paste. You can use also your finger over the lace surface. Now let the future decoration dry for a few hours. You can protect the surface of the Christmas decoration using alcohol varnish. The Varnish must be applied in two coats, allowing each to dry properly. After drying use different colors ribbons to decorate. Make a beautiful bow at the top of the decoration and put it in the Christmas tree. Happy Christmas!



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