Learn How To Make A Macaroni Christmas Tree

Why use food in the kitchen when you can make so much creative things with it?! I am not talking about processed food I am talking about about “raw” food. Today, I am going to show you hove to make an alternative Christmas tree using macaroni and a few supplies. First of all start by gluing the pasta to an paper con (see photo). After you finished use gold spray paint and spray the paper con and also the macaroni to give an golden look. Let the “half” Christmas tree dry. After drying use different colors of tinsel and using a glue gun, glue the tinsel to the paper con between the macaroni rows. Do the same thing with different colored ornaments. Put a little star on the top of the tree, put the tree in a little golden bucket (any ordinary bucket that you can pain with the same paint as you did the Christmas tree). To hold the tree you can put some stones and pebbles in the bucket. And your macaroni Christmas tree is done!!



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