Learn How To Make Flour Tortillas – DIY

When it comes to craft projects, the kitchen is an excellent place that you can use to discover DIY Ideas. DIY flour Tortillas are great home projects that you can practice and discover your skilfulness in DIY projects as you create fun art projects. Today, we focus on DIY flour Tortillas…….. this is a nice way to make your family a homemade “meal” that they will all appreciate. Let’s get cooking…

 Materials: wheat flour (1-2 kg), a dozen eggs, salt, sugar, rolling pin, a flat surface (counter top), a bowl, a jug of milk or water, cooking oil.

 Process: Start by pouring flour (3/4 kg) in a big bowl. Crack six eggs and pour them into the flour. Beat the mixture and add one and a half tea spoons of salt. To make a robust dough, either add a cup of milk or water into the mix or use a machine to create the perfect dough. If you have the time and energy, knead the dough. After you’ve achieved the perfect dough, put it in a bowl, wrap the bowl with foil paper and let the dough rest for 30 minutes to an hour. After one hour, you can now get the dough and pick a knife and start cutting out sizeable chunks that you will use to create a tortilla. Use the rolling pin to flatten the chunks of dough into thin round tortillas. Take a tea spoon and spread three drops of cooking/olive oil all over the tortilla on the top and bottom sides. Roll the tortilla again into a small dough like ball and put it in the bowl once again. Repeat this process for all the tortillas that you wish to make. Cover the bowl with foil paper once again and leave your mixture to cool for twenty minutes. Take the dough out once more and use the rolling pin to create beautiful thin and round un-cooked tortillas. Take out your pan and put it on the stove, heat it up with minimum heat and spread three tea spoons of oil in it. After the oil heats up, you can start placing one tortilla at a time and let either side cook for four to five minutes till it browns. Place them together in a bowl and seal it!! Enjoy!!!



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