Learn How To Make Paper Snowflake Ballerinas

Fun art projects such as Snowflake Ballerinas are wonderful DIY Ideas that can be performed by almost anyone. Many parents are increasingly loving these kinds of craft projects that make them bond with the children while performing them. Crafts ideas are the backbone of many conventional and modern useful ideas that have led to the production of many useful things that we use today. Today we learn practik ideas of making snowflake ballerinas.


  • Pencil
  • A pair of scissors
  • An A4 piece of paper (fold it in a triangle)
  • An outline


  • On an 8’11 piece of paper folded in half (length wise), draw the outline of the ballerina on the folded edge.
  • Use the pair of scissors and cut out your ballerina.
  • Use an eraser and carefully run it through the outline of your ballerina. This process will delete any pencil marks lurking.
  • Unfold your ballerina. Keep her on the side and work on the next piece.
  • Take another 8’11 printer piece of paper. Cut it to form a perfect square.
  • Fold the piece of paper to form a triangle. Fold the triangle once more and fold it into a final triangle.
  • Place the folded edge of the triangle on the bottom, leave the unfolded part at the top.
  • Follow the length of the fold all the way to the top leaving two centimetres. Now cut of the top section in a semi-circle curve.
  • You will remain with a triangle that has a circular bottom. Use the pair of scissors to cut the triangle into the shapes that you want, start with the edges.
  • If you have the time, pencil draw the designs and cut them out.
  • Unfold your triangle into the full size of the paper.
  • Fold the piece of paper in half and cut a small slit on the center of the edge.
  • Take your ballerina, folder into half size again and pass her through the slit you just made.
  • She will look like she is wearing a skirt by now.
  • Unfold your ballerina.
  • Use the same steps to make different outlines of ballerinas, tie the final projects to a string and hang them in your little girl’s room… Enjoy!!!


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