Learn How To Make A Strawberry Pallet Planter – DIY Craft Project

Make an original DIY strawberry pallet planter with this DIY craft project. Put your creativity to work, improve your beautiful garden design and make a trendy wooden pallet planter. Also, what is best about this DIY idea is that is pretty cheap so you won’t have to spend a lot of money. At first sight it looks a little bit hard, but I can assure you that is easy to make and you will also have a lot of fun.

You will need the following materials: six to nine wooden pallets (plank type is the best), 4 cm long screws and 8 cm nails, a drill (even an hammer will work best), a screwdriver bit, a jigsaw (also a hand saw is good), paintbrushes and non toxic paint.

Follow the instructions: Use a wooden pallet and try cutting it into three equal sizes. Try to remove all the excess wood. Take two of the three pieces of the cut wooden pallet and try to fix the middle parts together. You now have the base of the strawberry planter.Screw the screws from the bottom and up. Cut the other plank wooden pallets  (from the middle part of the pallet) so that in the end you will have four cubes and also plank pieces. Congratulation!! You now have blocks and planks so that you can finish the planter. Make the sides of the planter using the pallet planks. Use the screws to attach them to the base. Add also the feet of the planter (the block feet of the planter will help you a lot with the drainage) using the pallet blocks. To give the planter a more good looking touch use the paintbrush and the non toxic paint. Now all you have to do is to add the soil and strawberries and your wooden pallet planter is finished. Enjoy!!!




Photo Courtesy: http://www.instructables.com


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