Light Bulb Penguin Using Light Bulbs

We are bringing you today a tutorial on how to make Christmas decorations using light bulbs. Gather the following materials and supplies: light bulbs (as many as you want to make) / acrylic paint or watercolors  / brushes / accessories: hats, scarfs, dresses, tiaras / glue


Your light bulb can be transformed in any character you want: a cartoon character, a little princess, a little animal. To paint the light bulb use acrylic paint or watercolors. It is better to use acrylic paint because it lasts better in time. After you have drawn your character (in this case the light bulb took the shape of an penguin) start using your accessories. Glue the little hat and scarf on your little penguin. And this is it!!! Enjoy your Christmas ornament!!!.


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