How To Make An Amazing Egyptian Themed Necklaces

Fashion is an extensive area. Many people have their own eye of fashion and clothing does plat a huge role in the world of fashion. However, DIY fashion ideas are gaining popularity as many people want to look fashionable without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to look great. DIY fashion ideas combined with the right make up is a part of fashion that is being embraced world over. Today we focus on the neck. Did you know that DIY Egyptian necklaces can make you turn heads? Besides, with the right kind of makeup, these necklaces can be worn, for functions, at the office, at the club or any occasion you are attending. Let’s learn how you can bring this DIY project to life:

You will need the following materials:

  • Bamboo coral
  • Aquamarines
  • Chrysocolla cabochon with gold leaf
  • Chalcedony Briolettes
  • Japanese and Czech Glass Beads
  • Leather
  • 24k gold plate seed beads
  • Glass cabochons


Follow the instructions:

  • Use the tape measure to measure your neck and should and from chest area where the necklace will rest.
  • Lay down the leather, take a piece of trace paper and design the theme you prefer on the leather and use a marker to mark them on the leather.
  • Take a pair of scissors and carefully curve the piece of leather you have marked as your necklace.
  • Take two pieces of a comfortable material that is sturdy and saw them into the leather at the end. This piece of material will for the base you create your desired patterns on.
  • Following the design you wish to form, use glue to stick the materials you have, follow the designs in the picture to replicate a similar design.
  • Leave the glue to dry for at-least 12 to 24 hours. You can, at the two ends of the necklace that will rest on your neck’s back fix them or saw them with a piece of string or chain that you will secure the necklace with.

Repeat the same process with the different necklace designs and have yourself a beautiful collection of necklaces that you can rock at different days and different occasions and be unique! Enjoy!!!



Beautiful-Egyptian-Themed-Collar-Necklaces1Photo Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

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3 Responses to "How To Make An Amazing Egyptian Themed Necklaces"

  1. purima says:

    these neckpieces are so beautiful. can i buy one oneline instead…and how ?

  2. Andrew Burgon says:

    Thanks, you have just given me another great idea to add to my list of Egyptian party ideas for children. .

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