How To Make A Covered Greenhouse Garden

If you are at home on leave or just lazing around and are willing to do something to improve your property, there are plenty of fun art projects you can involve yourself with. By going online and searching for DIY Ideas, you will stumble upon a great many useful ideas that you can turn into craft projects. Crafts ideas lead to the production of interesting things that will brighten your property. Today we use practik ideas to learn how to make a covered greenhouse garden…



  • Start building your greenhouse by laying down 2×12 (8ft by 4ft). Make sure that you have levelled the dirt out before you assemble the structure.
  • You can use the pocket hole system for purposes of joining the wood pieces together. Add chicken wire to the structure’s base flipping over the structure to keep resident moles out.
  • Build a frame that will go on top of the 2x2s and 2x4s (they will form corner braces). They will be for the covered part’s base.
  • Next attach half inch 10-foot PVC pipe which will form the arches.
  • Put a screw on the inside bottom of every pipe as it keeps them from slipping. Secure the screw into position using a pipe clamp.
  • Get enough wire mesh and electrical tape. Use the tape to secure the wire mesh on the pipes that form the frame. This is a step that provides much more stability to the frame and allows the plastic sheeting to hold on a secure surface.
  • Next, staple on the 2×2 frame some 3.5ml plastic and proceed to attach 2 hinges on the shorter 4 inch sides (one side). You can also join a plastic chain on the long 8 inches side.
  • You can install and adapter on one side so that you can rig up an automatic watering system. The garden hose will fit through one side and the soaker hole should come out from the other side.
  • You can replace the plastic sheet with a much more reliable breathing garden fabric (use a garden quilt). Enjoy!!!



Covered Greenhouse Garden


Photo Courtesy: http://swingncocoa.blogspot.ro

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