Make A Cute Bracelet Using Pop Can Tabs

Do You want to have an original bracelet that is very easy to make and also cheap at the same time?! If yes, then all you need is: a lot and lot of pop can tabs and some ribbons. Instructions: depending on what color you want your bracelet to be you will choose the color of the ribbon. This DIY bracelet project will take approx 15 minutes. Take two pop can tabs and place the one on top of the other (partly on top). Take the ribbon and pull it through the tab’s openings. Now take the third can tab and place it next to the first one. Now you have your bracelet pattern: one pop tab below, one above and the third below. Take the ribbon and pull it through the tab’s openings. Place a fourth pop tab accordingly with your pattern and pull the ribbon thorough it. Keep following the pattern until your bracelet will fit your wrist. Make the pop can chain into a circle, make a bow knot around your wrist and you are ready to wear your new bracelet. Enjoy!!!



Pop-Tabs-Bracelet-Praktic-IdeasPhoto Courtesy: http://takingoffatnine.blogspot.ro

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  1. nydia says:

    pues muy nice y divertido

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